Product Review:  Lake Fork Trophy Lures Para Helium FluoroHybrid FH line

Product Review: Lake Fork Trophy Lures Para Helium FluoroHybrid FH line

 Date: Sept 27 2016 Product type: Fishing line Manufacturer: Lake Fork Trophy Lures Reviewer: Jamie Wilson   As anglers we are very lucky to have super advanced modern technologies at our disposal, one such advancement definitely being fishing line. A fine example of this modern evolution is fluorocarbon coated copolymer (inner core) hybrid line. This marriage of materials in a fishing line gives us yet another choice, which exhibits key attributes and performance qualities found in both line types rolled into one. Recently, I had the opportunity to field test Lake Fork Trophy Lures Para Helium FluoroHybrid FH and I was not disappointed in its performance.         (Lake Fork Trophy Lures Para Helium FluoroHybrid FH) Specifications Type Fishing Line Material Fluorocarbon/Copolymer (inner core) Hybrid Colors Clear Origin Texas, USA MSRP $18.99 US funds/10lb, price varies according to test strength       The key variables here are the properties of this line that sets this hybrid apart from monofilament, 100% fluorocarbon and strait copolymer. Having the castability of monofilament and the abrasion resistance of fluorocarbon while maintaining sensitivity, manageability and knot strength of copolymer makes for a well-rounded fishing line. Lake Fork Trophy Lures’ version has all of these attributes in equal parts. From its ultra-smooth castability and low stretch to its very sensitive feel coupled with very low memory and impeccable knot strength/durability, FluorHybrid FH Para Helium get top honors from me. Also, this line has low-vis properties as well which, I would assume is difficult to achieve in a copolymer inner core/fluoro coated line so top marks to the designers once again.     Castability(1-5)... read more
Product Review: Magnum Pro Bulldawg

Product Review: Magnum Pro Bulldawg

Date: 12/11/2015 Product type: Magnum Pro Bulldawg Manufacturer: Musky Innovations Reviewer: Alex Meletis         Introduction: The Pro Dawg-Mag Dawg is always a top favorite for me when targeting Muskie and Northern Pike. Diversified bait that can be toiled or cast, this bait has a past history of nothing short of successful catches when targeting essox. Presentation is everything with this lure type. Because of its body style and balanced weight the bait is able to stay up right when paused allowing for a window of opportunity for predator type fish. This bait comes in numerous colors and can be used by anglers at all levels of experience paired with the proper gear, making the Bull Dawg so successful.     Magnum Pro Bulldawg Specifications Type Magnum Pro Bulldawg Length 12” Weight 8oz Material Soft plasic Hooks Mustad Colors Blk/Orange Origin Cleveland,WI MSRP  24.99 USD     Quality/Construction: It’s over all construction and quality is over all good. If I could change any quality aspect of this bait it would be the durability of the rubber and hook quality. Because Muskies and Pike have razor sharp teeth and these baits are of a soft plastic construction it does not take many fish to destroy them. Although the action of the bait remains the same with some altering of the wire harness and patch work with soft plastic glue, the overall density of the plastic could be better. For hooks I usually swap out the Mustad’s for VMC or Gorilla 4X. I have had Mustad’s snap multiple times or bend resulting in loss of fish.   Quality Ratings... read more
Exist To Fish Christmas Wish List

Exist To Fish Christmas Wish List

Well it’s that time of the year again.  The boats are put away for the winter as the ice starts to form. With Christmas around the corner, many of us are starting to think about  what we would like for Christmas or are looking for gift ideas for friends or family. If you are anything  like the Exist To Fish Staff, you probably lost a few baits this year. We are all excited about new and existing fishing product’s that we have not had an opportunity to purchase or test out. They just were not in your budget at the time or perhaps you are thinking about trying a new lure this winter or in 2016!! I asked the Staff at Exist to Fish what they where going to ask Santa for this year. Here are the top picks on their wish list! Dean Schenk  : “On my Xmas wish list would be a pair of Smith Backdrop sunglasses to protect my eyes when on the water and ice”.  Product Features: A perfect medium-sized complement to the Touchstone, the Backdrop incorporates the same great features like stainless steel spring hinges and megol contact surfaces at the nose and temple tips. ChromaPop™ polarized lenses provide the highest level of enhanced color and clarity, or choose Techlite glass lenses for unparalleled optics and scratch resistance. “Also a tube of liquid mayhem walleye attractant in my stocking as I use it on the hard water all winter”. ​Product Features: Made with real minnows in a super concentrated form. Contains natural baitfish enzymes infused with powerful amino acids and other bite stimulants formulated to target a fishes olfactory glands and trigger big strikes. Fish hold on to artificial bait longer meaning more... read more

Lake Simcoe Whitefish – March 9, 2014

Ice fishing for whitefish along the north shore of Lake Simcoe in 40ft of water.
Gear used:
32″ med/heavy Rapala R-Type rod
Quantum EXO pt 25 reel
Sufix 832 yellow braid w/ 8lb flouro leader
4″ bluegill tube
Marcum LX-7

Staffer Colin booth smashing Whitefish!

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Bassassins – Fallin for the Miss – Fall Fishing

“Fallin for the Miss” is showcasing sport fishing on the Mississippi River in Ontario. We are truly blessed to have such fantastic fishery right at our doorstep. This clip features the usual suspects that are to be caught this time a year. The smallmouth bass are gaining girth and feeding aggressively, the Walleye really seem to enjoy the cooler days of fall too, and pike are lurking around every corner all year long.
Autumn is a wicked time to be out and about, not just to awe the breath taking spectacle when the trees are changing colour, also the cool and crisp mornings and noons are very much welcome after a hot, hot summer.
The fishing seems to go in to overdrive as everything is preparing for the coming winter.

More about Bassassins…

Tackle used:
XCalibur Xcs200 Pumkin seed ( what an amzing shallow crank this is!!!!)
TriggerX Flappin Grubbs on a splitshot rig
Rublex Veltic nr.4
Rappala Xrap Shad Shallow

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