Product Review:  Huskie Muskie Leaders

Product Review: Huskie Muskie Leaders

Date: 11/1/16
Product type: Leaders
Manufacturer: Huskie Musky Leaders
Reviewer: Alex Meletis

Huskie Muskie Leaders is wholly owned by Bill Fuller, and is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

As a member of Muskies Canada, Bill is a firm believer of catch and release.  The way we handle muskies and the equipment we use are important in ensuring live releases.  As a result, He had come to realize that good strong leaders are as essential as a good landing net and the proper tools for releasing a fish once caught.  We pay good money for our lures and do not leave them on an underwater obstruction, or heaven forbid in the mouth of a Muskie, because the weak link was a leader.

About ten years ago He was unable to find any quality leaders in the Ottawa area.  As a result He began researching and experimenting with different materials and leader building methods.  Most of the really good information He found was on various salt water sites, written by those who were fishing for game much larger than muskies  His general conclusion was, that if these materials and building methods could stand up to battles with some of the largest fish to be found in the sea, they would stand up to the rigors of fighting and landing muskies.

Bill started with trolling leaders using hard mono but after He discovered the ANDE fluorocarbon, He never went back.  He learned that crimping, done properly, was every bit as strong as knots if not stronger, but more importantly, it would provide strong loops more consistently than knots, especially with this thickness of fluorocarbon material.  He also learned the importance of loop protectors and how they really reduce the strain on loops.  From there He expanded his building to  single strand stainless steel.  Over a period of several years, of building, testing, giving leaders away to friends for second opinions and receiving lots of good advice in return, some of them convinced him to make them available commercially.

The methods and materials that go into Huskie Muskie Leaders are not unique.  They have been adapted from a variety of sources and in turn my designs have been copied by others.

Bill and Exist to Fish Canada believe is that Huskie Muskie Leaders have incorporated the best of materials with a melding of the best methodologies to produce the most Muskie friendly leaders on the market today.  We invite you to visit or contact one of his dealers to see for yourself  to see how good they really are.


Image result for huskie muskie leaders


Whenever you get two or more Muskie addicts together, you will get two or more opinions about anything to do with our sport.  The use of leaders is no exception.  We have knots vs crimps, stainless steel vs titanium, snaps vs split rings and on and on and on.  The intent of this page is to provide a basic primer on leaders, their use, and the materials used to make them.  The contents are based on extensive research, the experience of those who have been using Huskie Muskie Leaders for a number of years now.

First of all, is there one leader that will do it all?  Not really.  That said, some people do get away with it and for those that are using only one or two rod and reel combinations, it simply isn’t convenient to be constantly changing leaders and compromises need to be reached.  For example, the Huskie Muskie  fluorocarbon casting leader can be use for jerkbaits but is not as good as a single strand stainless steel leader. Where possible, and if your equipment allows, application specific leaders should be used to get the most out of your lures.

Why Leaders?

There are several reasons we use leaders.  Perhaps the major reason is to prevent line from being cut by a Muskie’s teeth or by underwater obstructions such as rocks.  Although the tensile strength of modern fishing line may be as high as the leader material we are be using, it is not very abrasion resistant and under strain can easily be cut by an edge that is even moderately sharp.  Therefore we need something between the line and the lure where all the abuse is going to be absorbed.  Leaders are made of materials that are much more abrasion resistant than line and will stand up to more contact with sharp objects.

The second reason for using leaders is to present the lure in the most natural way possible.  This is especially true with the use of fluorocarbon leaders.  The refraction index of fluorocarbon is virtually the same as water making it almost invisible under water.  Therefore it separates the lure from line and makes it appear to be swimming free.  The clearer the water, the more important this factor is.

The third reason is specific to the use of guide type jerk baits and walk-the-dog type top-waters.  In this application the leader pushes the line away from the bait to prevent fouling.  The resistance of the leader through the water will also tend to make it move in the opposite direction of the movement of the lure so that on the next jerk, the lure will move back across in its zig-zag path back to the boat.  Although this is possible with a more flexible leader, the stiff single strand leader will exaggerate the action.

The last, and one of the most important reasons, deals primarily with trolling.  Shortly after a muskie strikes and before the rod is out of the holder, muskies in their initial effort to free themselves, will often roll in the line.  If you are using one of the newer spectra fibre braided lines, wire line or even a long wire leader, this rolling action can cause serious cuts to the body of the Muskie.  To prevent this from happening, a thicker, softer, high tensile strength hard monofilament or fluorocarbon leader should be used.  For this reason, my fluorocarbon leaders are constructed with a heavier 150 pound strength and corresponding thickness.


If you are just starting out or have been fishing for muskies and Northern Pike as well as taking a trip down south or live on oceanic waters where leaders are mandatory for the fish you are pursuing I highly recommend Huskie Musky Leaders. For years there is always one discussion that arises when talking to fellow anglers and that is choices in leaders and what do you use.




Huskie Musky Leaders
Type Muskie/Pike leaders
Length varies
Material Fluorocarbon and steel
Origin Ottawa, Ontario


Huskie Muskie stainless steel jerk bait leaders are constructed of Malin stainless wire, an industry leader.  The leader material is purchased directly from the factory, precut, unlike many other brands where the material is purchased in coils and then subjected to addition weakening stresses in the process of trying to straighten it out.

the new glide bait leader, which is essentially the jerk bait leader with out the swivel and snap.  We still use the same wire and shrink wrap the wraps to reduce weed fouling.  To use the glide bait leader, tie the line directly to end of the leader and attach the lure using a split ring.  For safety, do not use the same split ring for all of your glide baits.  The attaching and removal processes will weaken the split ring.  Instead, attach a separate split ring to each lure.

These leaders feature 180 lb Single Strand Malin Stainless Steel Wire, #5 Stringease Stay-lok Snap, and 143 lb ball bearing swivel.



We also take the time to shrink wrap the wire wraps to reduce weed fouling.   The snap is also shrink wrapped to ensure alignment of the snap and leader which is essential for the proper side to side action of glide type jerk baits walk the dog top waters.

Shrinked-Wrapped Shrink-Wrapped-Jerk


Huskie Musky Leaders is a local to Ontario Company based in the Ottawa area that focuses solely on making leaders. Meticulously hand assembled and crimped using the highest grade components, these leaders are at the top of the industry and come highly recommended. Heading to Pro Tackle here in Belleville Ontario, in search for my first Muskie set up years ago I discovered Huskie Muskie Leaders which were highly recommend by store owner and avid Muskie fisherman and guide Stacy Ash. After experiencing multiple attacks and seeing the durability of Bill Fuller’s Huskie Musky Leaders I have never looked back.


Hardware(1-5) Craftsmanship(1-5) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
5 4 9 10


 Image result for huskie muskie leaders


Fluorocarbon Leaders

All of Huskie Muskies fluorocarbon leaders are made from 150 lb ANDE Fluorocarbon Leader Material.  Although not well branded as a freshwater line, ANDE is well known in the saltwater community, has always stood up under every conceivable fishing condition and situation and holds over 1,300 IGFA World Records. Many of these records represent outstanding catches throughout the history of IGFA. All Fluorocarbons are not equal. ANDE is 100% Fluorocarbon with all the properties you expect from Fluorocarbon Leader material, strong abrasion resistance, low stretch, doesn’t absorb water, sinks quickly and is totally invisible under water.

Fluorocarbon leaders are constructed to provide a loop which is the strongest in the industry.  For this thickness of fluorocarbon, experience has shown that crimps provide the strongest connection.   Single crimps are used on the casting leaders and doubles on the trolling leaders.  We start by melting the end of the fluorocarbon to form a ball which in itself makes it nearly impossible to pull the leader end though the crimp even before the crimp is squeezed.  A plastic coated steel spring loop protector is used to prevent the snap or swivel from chaffing against the fluorocarbon in the loop, thereby greatly increasing the life of the leader.  Concern has been expressed by some that the colored loop protector might turn off a Muskie but this has certainly not been a problem, if anything the loop protectors mimic the small bait fish that are being chased by a larger fish represented by the lure.

Another area of concern that needs to be dispelled is the use of crimps.  No doubt you have all heard various Muskie enthusiasts say “I don’t trust crimps”.  They have all probably had an experience with a poorly crimped leader or more commonly, used a leader that was too thin for crimping and where a knot would be superior.  Personally, I would not use a crimp on any fluorocarbon material under 130 pound test.  Huskie Muskie leaders are all made with 150 pound test and the crimps provide a superior connection than a knot.  Crimped leaders are the leaders of choice for salt water applications for fish species that are quite a bit bigger and fight harder than muskies.  Enough said.


Unweighted Trolling Leaders

Unweighted Trolling Leaders come in two lengths, the standard 3 foot and the 6 foot St Lawrence Special.  Both feature the Ande Fluorocarbon Material, #6 Stringease Stay-lok Snap, 175 lb ball bearing swivel, Coil Spring Loop Protectors and are double crimped for added strength.  Many of our customers report being able to get an entire season from one leader if care is taken to change out the snap when it shows signs of weakness.


Casting Leaders

Casting Leaders combine the strength and durability of the fluorocarbon with enough flexibility to be used for casting bucktails and spinner baits, yet is stiff enough for walking the dog with jerk baits and top waters.  This is the best leader for throwing those heavy Bull Dawgs.  A great dual purpose leader which feature 1 foot of Ande Fluorocarbon Material, #5 Stringease Stay-lok Snap, 143 lb ball bearing swivel, and Coil Spring Loop Protectors.  Recently, some of our dealers have requested lengths of 14 and 18 inches.  Special orders of this nature are never turned down.


Having confidence and not worrying about your terminal tackle is one of the key factors in being successful while in pursuit of these toothy critters. Nothing hurts an angler more than losing a fish of a life time due to terminal tackle failing. Huskie Musky leaders come in a variety of selections such as Fluorocarbon and stainless steel in different lengths for different applications.



Castability(1-5) Ease of Use(1-5) Quality of Action (1-5) Durability (1-5) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
9 10 9 10 25 9.5


The fluorocarbon material used is 150lb ANDE a salt water grade material that is tough as hell and made to take the abuse of larger teeth barring fish. Husky Musky Leaders cater to their customers by providing a 3ft and 6ft fluorocarbon leader for trolling purposes paired with a 175lb barrel swivel and a heavy duty #6 Stringease Stay Loc snap suitable for all sizes of trolling baits which come in handy during the fall season. The casting version of this leader comes in a 12 inch version and can also be found in the 14-18 inch length if desired and come equipped with a 143lb barrel swivel and #5 Stay Loc snap. The stainless steel jerk bait leaders feature 180lb single strain main stainless steel wire paired with a #5 Stringease stay loc snap and a 143lb ball bearing swivel ideal for your walk the dog surface baits and all other jerk baits.

  Consistency(1-5) Range of sizes (1-5) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
5 5 10 10 10





(Huskie Musky Leaders) Collective Final Rating
Construction/Quality   10
Performance   10
Price   9
Features   10
Design (Ergonomics)   9
Application   10
Total Score  9.75
Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = MUST HAVE  


These leaders helps enhance the action of your lure and adding confidence to the angler while fishing for toothy critters. As the fall fishing is underway I highly recommend these leaders to all anglers who pursue Muskie, Northern Pike and all fish where a bite guard is needed.



Huskie Muskie Dealers:

Pro Tackle Muskie Shop:
43B Putman Industrial Road, Belleville, Ont
Gerry’s Bait and Tackle –
3363 Lakefield Road, Lakefield, Ontario
Dixie Tackle Shop
51 St Catharine Street, St Thomas, Ont
Natural Sports –
1572 Victoria St N, Kitchener, Ont
Paddletales Tackle –
510 St Lawrence St, Winchester, Ont
Dufferin Outdoor Supply
328 Broadway, Orangeville ON
Temple Bay Lodge
302 Temple Road, Eagle River, ON
LOTW Sports Headquarters –
702 Lakeview Drive, Kenora, Ontario
Bobby’s Sports Shop –
175 Vermillion Bay,Vermillion Bay, Ontario
Bill’s Bait and Tackle –
858 Upper James St. Hamilton, Ontario
Fishing World
2411 Barton E, Hamilton, Ontario
Northshore Musky Baits –
Webbwood, Ontario
Lambeth Rod and Tackle – 2404 Main. Lambeth, Ont.
2404 Main, Lambeth, ON
Easthill Outdoors
4131 Highway 35/115 Orono, Ontario
Angling Sports London
681 Highbury Avenue NorthLondon, Ontario
Wing’s Live Bait and Tackle
413 Lyndhurst Rd, Lyndhurst, Ontario


Exist To Fish Canada Author Alex Meletis

Exist To Fish Canada Author Alex Meletis








Jamie Wilson- Lead Writer/Editor

Jamie Wilson- Lead Writer/Editor

Product Review:  Lake Fork Trophy Lures Para Helium FluoroHybrid FH line

Product Review: Lake Fork Trophy Lures Para Helium FluoroHybrid FH line

 Date: Sept 27 2016
Product type: Fishing line
Manufacturer: Lake Fork Trophy Lures
Reviewer: Jamie Wilson



As anglers we are very lucky to have super advanced modern technologies at our disposal, one such advancement definitely being fishing line. A fine example of this modern evolution is fluorocarbon coated copolymer (inner core) hybrid line. This marriage of materials in a fishing line gives us yet another choice, which exhibits key attributes and performance qualities found in both line types rolled into one. Recently, I had the opportunity to field test Lake Fork Trophy Lures Para Helium FluoroHybrid FH and I was not disappointed in its performance.





(Lake Fork Trophy Lures Para Helium FluoroHybrid FH) Specifications
Type Fishing Line
Material Fluorocarbon/Copolymer (inner core) Hybrid
Colors Clear
Origin Texas, USA
MSRP $18.99 US funds/10lb, price varies according to test strength




The key variables here are the properties of this line that sets this hybrid apart from monofilament, 100% fluorocarbon and strait copolymer. Having the castability of monofilament and the abrasion resistance of fluorocarbon while maintaining sensitivity, manageability and knot strength of copolymer makes for a well-rounded fishing line. Lake Fork Trophy Lures’ version has all of these attributes in equal parts. From its ultra-smooth castability and low stretch to its very sensitive feel coupled with very low memory and impeccable knot strength/durability, FluorHybrid FH Para Helium get top honors from me. Also, this line has low-vis properties as well which, I would assume is difficult to achieve in a copolymer inner core/fluoro coated line so top marks to the designers once again.



Castability(1-5) Stretch


Sensitivity (1-5) Memory/

Manageability (1-5)

Durability/Knot Strength (1-5) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
5 4 4.5 4.5 5 23 25 9


Para Helium FluorHybrid FH is near perfect in both consistency and design/ergonomics as it performs very smoothly while maintaining the low-vis, light refraction of a fluorocarbon with very little line twists and memory which is indicative of copolymer lines. Well designed and engineered for sure. Also, the range of test strengths is fantastic with 5, 7, 10, 14, 20, 22, 25lb tests available.






Range of lb tests (1-5) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
4.5 4.5 5 14 15 9.5



This particular line type is very well rounded and has all of the design and performance qualities of both fluorocarbon and copolymer. For me, Lake Fork Trophy Lures Para Helium shines for reaction style baits such as crankbaits and jerkbaits. I trust its low memory, even as a mainline on a spinning reel which I wouldn’t normally do with fluorocarbon. (I would still favor a baitcasting reel) Also, I wouldn’t hesitate to actually use Para Helium as a leader material coupled with braided line for suspending baits as it does not sink like a pure fluorocarbon due to its copolymer inner core. The extra little stretch acts as a shock absorber while its fluorocarbon coating protects against potential damage from rocks, submerged timber and zebra/quagga muscles. If I was to use FluoroHybrid FH as a mainline, I would pair it with a fast action rod for light jigs/worms or a medium/fast rod for jerkbaits/crankbaits to maximize its performance.



(Lake Fork Trophy Lures FluoroHybrid FH)Collective Final Rating
Construction/Quality   9
Performance   9.5
Design/Ergonomics   9.5
Price   8.5
Application   10
Total Score 46.5
Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = MUST HAVE  


Long smooth accurate casts, sensitivity, superior knot strength coupled with its higher than normal manageability make Lake Fork Trophy Lures Para Helium FluoroHybrid FH a high-end addition to any anglers arsenal. I mean, the connection between you and your lure must be trustworthy and really, its overall performance should never be called into question. This line satisfies all of that for me. Para Helium also boasts smaller line diameter than its competitors while being packaged in a 240yrd spool. It is extremely limp, strong and manageable so no complaints here, good job to my friends from Lake Fork Trophy Lures.

Bottom bounced this lipless crankbait with 10lb Para Helium FlouroHybrid FH with obvious results





Jamie Wilson- Lead Writer/Editor Exist To Fish Canada






Product Review: Smith Dover Sunglasses

Product Review: Smith Dover Sunglasses

Date: 9/14/16
Product type: Sunglasses
Manufacturer: Smith Optics
Reviewer: Jamie Wilson








I remember the first time that I looked into the water through a pair of polarized sunglasses. I couldn’t believe just how much I was seeing and more importantly, what I wasn’t seeing until that day. I went through countless pairs of cheap shades thinking I had it all figured out, until I finally made the leap to a high-end quality pair of lenses/frames. This game changer came in the form of Smith Optics “Dover” Rx with the industry leading polarized lens technology, ChromaPop. These lenses make me feel as if I am an eagle in the sky spotting fish and their hiding spots while protecting my eyes and looking super stylish to boot.




(Smith Optics Dover Rx) Specifications
Type Polarized prescription sunglasses
Colors Black, Havana (tortoise shell)
Origin USA



Quality is so important. I mean really, would you want 10 pairs of shades in as many years? I know I want a product to stand the test of time and continue to hold up to the rigors of the outdoors for as long as I take care of them. Spending the money on quality will never backfire on anyone, which I say with obvious confidence when I speak of my Smith Optics Dover Rx polarized sunglasses.

Finish(1-5) Hardware(1-5) Craftsmanship(1-5) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
5 5 5 15 15 9.5



The first thing that I noticed was how ultra-lightweight Smith Optics truly are. When I picked up the protective case I thought that the lenses weren’t even in there. I then opened the case and proceeded to placed them on and I was beyond impressed just how feather light they felt. Honestly, I don’t notice that I’m even wearing them at all aside from the fact that my vision is so greatly enhanced on and off the water. ChromaPop makes colors more vivid while clarity, sharpness and contrast become heightened with little to no eye fatigue. Another great feature is unparalleled anti-fog, even on the hottest days on the water. Wearing this technology creates an experience that can be compared to the highest HD quality, which keeps me going all day long.



Performance Ratings (Smith Optics Dover Rx)
Comfort(1-5) Anti-fog(1-5) Clarity(1-5) Vibrancy and contrast (1-5) Durability (1-5) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
4 5 5 5 5 24 25 9.5



The things I’ve seen while chasing trophy fish have been just astounding. Weedlines, openings and pockets on weed flats, changes in water clarity, rocky outcroppings and schools of minnows and so on seem closer, bigger and easier to spot. I can find targets to pitch at with ease which simply adds confidence and purpose and thus, efficiency to my outings. I still can’t believe what I’ve been missing all these years. My next move will be to add a couple different color lenses to my repertoire. The green ChromaPop polarized lenses have been a great overall color but I feel I should utilize an amber lens to brighten up darker days and dusk periods and a blue mirror for very bright, blue bird conditions. I digress, all in due time.



(Smith Optics Dover Rx) Collective Final Rating
Construction/Quality   10
Performance   10
Price   9
Features   9
Design (Ergonomics)   10
Application   10
Total Score 58
Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = MUST HAVE  


What can I say? Picking up a pair of Smith Optics shades upped my game. In a sport such as sportfishing where any small to large advantage is of the utmost importance, I’d say eyesight is at the top of the list. I mean really? Would you want to play darts with a bag over your head? No, you’d want to put a spotlight on that dart board and hit that bullseye. That’s how I view the difference between $20 knock offs and my trusty Smith Optics polarized ChromaPop shades. No more low-end, low-definition vision for this guy, I’ve got fish to chase and they can no longer hide in plain sight. Quality rules the day and that’s that. #SmithIsFishing




Jamie Wilson- Lead Writer Editor Exist To Fish Canada


Product Review: Lake Fork Tackle HYPER STICK

Product Review: Lake Fork Tackle HYPER STICK

Date: 9/13/16
Product type: Stick worm
Manufacturer: Lake Fork Trophy Lures
Reviewer: Jamie Wilson






Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that one of the best fish catching baits over the last 10-15 years has been the mighty stick worm. In this day in age, there are seemingly hundreds of companies that produce good quality stick worms so what sets a particular manufacturer apart? Well, in the case of Lake Fork Trophy Lures “Hyper Sticks” one design feature definitely stands out, and that is their very unique segmented body (“swim slots” patent pending). This feature makes the Hyper Stick versatile as they can be fished as a weightless presentation, wacky rigged, Texas rig, Carolina rig or a perfect drop shot worm. 21 colors to choose from at a great price and what you have is a viable bass tempting option for sure.



(Lake Fork Trophy Lures “Hyper Stick”) Specifications
Type Soft plastic stick worm
Length 5”
Weight N/A
Material Plastic
Colors 21 colors
Origin Texas, USA
MSRP $5.49 U.S per pack(9)



As I mentioned, Lake Fork Trophy Lures offers a fantastic color selection which covers just about every variation you need for your favorite body of water. Besides the colors, the fine detail and craftsmanship the “Hyper Stick” offers up is high end all the way. It is apparent that a lot of time, effort and thought went into the end product that only benefits the angler and not just the pocket books of the manufacturer. Obviously these worms were designed for anglers by anglers and that’s that.


Colors(1-5) Level of Detail(1-5) Craftsmanship(1-5) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
5 4 5 14 15 9



The overall performance gets top marks here for sure. The unique action, which is due to the segmented body cannot really be matched by other stick worms. The “Hyper Stick” comes alive with a weightless jerk-pause presentation while their subtle life-like action will tempt finicky bass on weighted rigs as well. Any current will set the “Hyper Stick” into motion on a drop shot or Carolina rig. Beyond these presentations, a Texas rigged “Hyper Stick” can be one of the most deadly flipping/punch baits. The slender action laden profile is perfect for sliding into heavy cover and you can bet that once inside these tight little pockets, the life-like action adds realism. Bass candy indeed.



Castability(1-5) Ease of Use(1-5) Quality of Action (1-5) Durability (1-5) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
4 5 5 4 18 20 9



  Consistency(1-5) Realism (1-5) Range of sizes (1-3) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
5 5 1 11 13 8



As I mentioned the variety of ways the “Hyper Stick” can be rigged, it becomes pretty clear that smallmouth and largemouth alike can be targeted in just about any situation with the “Hyper Stick”. Suspended smallmouth/largemouth can’t resist a drop shot while bass under docks/trees/laydowns fall victim to a weightless stick, skipped in front of their noses. Largemouth in shallow matted vegetation won’t say no to a “Hyper Stick” invading their shaded lairs while bottom oriented bass slurp up a tasty morsel bouncing and slithering on bottom (Carolina rig). Also, as a cold front passes through a subtle presentation is usually the right choice and these worms are perfect for this conditional situation.


(Insert Product Name) Collective Final Rating
Construction/Quality 9  
Performance 9  
Price 10
Features 9
Design (Ergonomics) 9
Application 10  
Total Score 56
Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = MUST HAVE  


Versatility, price point, a wide variety of colors to choose from along with durability and a unique subtle action and what you have is a fine addition to your arsenal. It’s all about being confident and these particular stick worms deliver on all fronts. Top marks all the way for the “Hyper Stick” from me, give them a try yourself folks.


Jamie WIlson

Jamie Wilson- Exist To Fish Canada Lead Writer/Editor

Product Review: Muskie Metal Lures Flexible Bucktail

Product Review: Muskie Metal Lures Flexible Bucktail

Date: 7/20/2016
Product type: Flexible inline spinner
Manufacturer: Muskie Metal Lures
Reviewer: Exist To Fish







Muskie metal lures are a very unique product tin a saturated buck tail market. This is a bucktail that flexes! Built around stainless steel wire instead of a solid heavy gauge wire.



(Flexible Double 10) Specifications
Type Flexible inline spinner
Length 10.5 “
Weight 3.1 oz
Material Stainless steel flexible wire
Hooks 7/0 brass treble
Colors Many combinations available
Origin USA
MSRP 24.99 USD




This is a product that will stand up year after year. double #10 Colorado blades, Double Magnum Flashabou skirts that have been cemented onto the body and triple cable tied with military grade ties, brass weights and solid metal beads, Wolverine triple split rings and a single Mustad 7/0 treble hook.  All lures are built using a stainless steel flexible wire to make this one of the most durable bucktails on the market today.

Quality Ratings for (Flexible Double 10)
Finish(1-5) Level of Detail(1-5) Hardware(1-5) Craftsmanship(1-5) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
4 4 5 4 17 20 8.5




The blades pop instantly! No stall in the figure 8 and the bait never requires retuning. It simply returns to its original shape fish after fish.

Performance Ratings (Flexible Double 10)
Castability(1-5) Ease of Use(1-5) Quality of Action (1-5) Position at Rest (1-5) Durability (1-5) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
5 5 5 5 5 25 25 10



Flexible allows for fewer tangles during casts. No concerns about the bait bending after a fish is caught. The flexible wire allows the blades to pop instantly during the retrieve and figure 8 boat side maneuvers. All Brass weights, no lead is used in the construction of these baits! A very nice Green feature.

Feature /Design   Ratings (Flexible Double 10)
  Consistency(1-5) Weight(1-5) Realism (1-5) Range of sizes (1-3) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
5 5 5 3 18 18 10




This bait is designed with the intent to catch Muskies and Pike.

(Flexible Double 10) Collective Final Rating
Construction/Quality   8.5
Performance   10
8.5Price   10
Fe10atures   8.5
Design (Ergonomics)   10
Application   10
Total Score 9
Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = MUST HAVE  



This is definitely a standout bait for any Muskie or pike angler. The action and consistency is fantastic. And the fish like it too!

Product Review: Nano Minnow

Product Review: Nano Minnow

Date: 7/19/2016
Product type: Hardbait/crankbait
Manufacturer: Matzuo America
Reviewer: Exist To Fish



The bait has an exceptional lifelike appearance and finish. It can take a beating and come out just fine. We have caught just about everything on this little bait. From panfish to Pike.






The Nano minnow is an extremely versatile little bait. Catching fish of all sizes!. We have had a tone of success with this little fellow.


(Nano Minnow) Specifications
Type Minnow style crankbait
Length 2 ¼”
Weight 1/8 oz
Material Plastic
Hooks nickel
Colors 9 options
Origin USA




The bait has an exceptional lifelike appearance and finish. It can take a beating and come out just fine. We have caught just about everything on this little bait. From panfish to Pike.

Quality Ratings for (Nano Minnow)
Finish(1-5) Level of Detail(1-5) Hardware(1-5) Craftsmanship(1-5) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
4 4 4 4 16 20 8




Features of Matzuo Nano Minnow Lures include:

  • Bright, prismatic finishes
  • Durable contoured bodies
  • Matzuo black chrome treble hooks with stainless steel split rings
  • Realistic 3-D eyes
  • Floating l


Performance Ratings (Nano Minnow)
Castability(1-5) Ease of Use(1-5) Quality of Action (1-5) Position at Rest (1-5) Durability (1-5) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
5 5 5 5 5 25 25 10



The Nano Minnow features lifelike 3-D eyes, highly reflective prism finish, and quality black chrome Matzuo® hooks. Delicately weighted and balanced to provide optimal action whether casting, twitching, or trolling. All of these methods will display the tight wiggle of this bait.

Feature /Design   Ratings (Nano Minnow)
  Consistency(1-5) Weight(1-5) Realism (1-5) Range of sizes (1-3) Total Possible Rating (10 being highest )
4 4 4 3 15 18 8.3




Little lures with big fish-catching appeal, these versatile mini-baits promote powerful strike responses from Trout, Perch, Panfish and Bass. Sure to be a favorite among ultra-light fishermen and those who ply their trade in heavily fished waters. The Nano Minnow dives 0-3 feet when retrieved.

(Nano Minnow) Collective Final Rating
Construction/Quality   8
Performance   8
Price    8
Features    8
Design (Ergonomics)    10
Application   8
Total Score  8.5
Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = MUST HAVE  



Matzuo Nano Minnow Lures offer anglers the perfect downsized lure for those heavily fished waters were finicky fish prefer bite-sized baits. The tight swimming action of these lures resembles a fleeing minnow. These versatile mini baits trigger powerful strikes from trout, bass, crappie and all other panfish. These tiny floating lures are sure to become favorites among ultralight fishermen fishing tiny brooks and streams to larger ponds and lakes. We highly recommend!